Empowered by colours

Colours play vital roles in our lives. There are some that soothe your nerves and some that irritate you. Some raise your blood pressure while some calm your appetite. We not only synchronize it with the five elements of nature but also we connect it with our daily emotions. Each element represents a colour; eg. … Continue reading Empowered by colours


Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’

Hello peeps, here I am, the same indolent writer ushering in the New Year 2020 with hopes that this year and new decade might bring about some change in me! Well, in truth we may not change much but a little extra than ordinary change surely can be bought out from within. A new decade … Continue reading Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’


Anything that does not grow DIES. Story of a dragonfly In bottom of a pond a colony of insects lived and moved around. One insect at a time used to climb the lily stalk and disappear. None of the insects hovering nearby understood anything. Where were these insects disappearing off into thin air- they wondered! … Continue reading Dragonfly

The Ants- Yogic significance

Connection between Raja yoga and Ants- read on to find out.. Our existence is a mishmash of various emotions and thoughts that lead to actions either positive or negative.  Very often we find ourselves amidst certain sentiments that distract us from ‘WHAT IS’. It is during such times that we learn a lot from observing … Continue reading The Ants- Yogic significance

Life lessons

 ‘It was the best of times. It was the worst of times’.  Life is certainly not the same for most of us after 2020. You never know what to expect when. We experienced a multitude of emotions daily right after the news of pandemic hit us last March. The pandemic was a surprise from life … Continue reading Life lessons

Pandemic diaries -2

Pandemic diaries-2 : Hope and patience The quote ‘patience is virtue’ was taught in school. We probably never understood it before but a virus ensured we understood, realized and implemented it to the core this year in 2020. The key word is ‘tolerance’ – how tolerant are you and how can you keep your degree … Continue reading Pandemic diaries -2